Practice Areas

Business Transactions

RANDALL E. KAY P.C. provides essential business transaction services over a broad spectrum of matters that arise during the acquisition, operation and ultimate disposition of a business. We represent sole proprietors as well as small and large companies and provide a variety of services related to general business operations and transactions, ranging from general advice on commercial issues to drafting and negotiating various types of contracts. The scope of our business transaction services includes:

  • Business entity selection and formation and related agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements among owners
  • Small private offerings
  • Purchase and sale agreements for the acquisition of stock, assets or real property
  • Leases for real property and equipment
  • Construction agreements
  • Service and consulting agreements
  • Distribution, production and supply agreements
  • Financing arrangements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Design professional contracts
  • General terms and conditions for purchase orders and invoicing
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Commercial disputes and commercial collection

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