Practice Areas

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Arbitration & Mediation

In addition to potentially lower costs and an expedited result, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can offer greater privacy and control than litigation can. At RANDALL E. KAY P.C., we provide mediation and arbitration services to plaintiffs and defendants throughout California. Disputes we have helped resolve through ADR include commercial and real estate matters, contract disputes, controversies over intellectual property, partnership dissolutions, trade secrets, software development, and shipping and have involved a wide variety of industries and business matters.

Randall Kay is the firm’s ADR partner. Through Randy’s broad professional experience in his law practice and ADR work, he has provided mediation and arbitration services in hundreds of cases, both on behalf of clients and as a qualified neutral. His arbitration practice represents a significant career commitment and a substantial proportion of his professional activity. He also participates in ADR training programs that cover current issues and advanced procedures. He is a fellow of the College of Commercial Arbitrators.

Randy’s ADR practice encompasses extensive service as a neutral arbitrator or mediator in commercial disputes. Most of his cases are administered by the American Arbitration Association, for whom he has served as a commercial panelist since 1988. The vast majority of his appointments are as a neutral arbitrator or mediator, either selected by the parties or administratively appointed, although he has also served as a non-neutral party-appointed arbitrator.

Contact: Randall E. Kay