Practice Areas

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our personal, case-specific and focused advice. As our clients know well, “boilerplate” is not in our (or their) vocabulary. Whether assisting an entrepreneur, a family operating a closely held business or a publicly traded company, we understand that our clients need an adviser they can rely on. Developing client relationships built on trust, commitment and respect is our top priority.

Kay & Tawasha LLP is also proud of the quality and diversity of our clients, and we take pride in their successes. The following is a list of some of the types of people, businesses and industries we represent:

  • Closely held companies
  • Restaurants (several of which have earned Michelin stars and are listed in the Top 100 of the Bay Area), chefs and caterers
  • Bars, breweries and specialty spirits distillers
  • Independent bookstores and other retailers
  • Real property owners, real estate and loan brokers, tenants, property managers, contractors, vendors, insurance brokers, and design professionals
  • Business consultants, media consultants, event planners and other service providers
  • Manufacturing and distribution operators such as glass suppliers and medical equipment manufacturers
  • Software and tech companies
  • Factoring and financing companies
  • Importers and agricultural and specialty food providers
  • Professional practices, including architecture and design, real estate, medicine, dentistry, accounting, and law